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#thisisTECHNONATURE, the Fall-Winter 2021/2022 collection by BIMBA Y LOLA. Through it, we embark on a journey to the roots and the essential, without forgetting the city and technology. From the farm to the rave, through the exploration of the environment.

The #thisisTECHNONATURE journey is divided into three moments:

  1. THE COUNTRYSIDE: the ultra-urban lifestyle has declined. Skyscrapers and impersonal cities no longer matter; only farm animals and the countryside are present in various prints. The collection consists of a diverse amalgam of fabrics and materials such as mohair, wool, knit, viscose and velvet. Feminine dresses and printed blouses are combined with oversized knitted jumpers, technical trench coats and nylon parkas. They are complemented by high boots, colourful fake fur bags and bandana scarves.
  2. EXPLORATION: having recently arrived from the city to the countryside, the curiosity to discover the environment prevails. Forests, rivers, lakes, valleys? The collection blends in with the forest and the animals so as not to disturb them. Classic camouflage prints are reinterpreted with an unexpected touch (the wings of a butterfly become the new camouflage) and others are created to go unnoticed among the foliage. Almost like a stain.
  3. THE RAVE: a desire to savour freedom and let yourself go. The irreverent spirit of the 80s is revived to celebrate parties in the middle of nowhere. Strident colours, denim, unexpected combinations and customised garments that are the ultimate expression of the individual. Here the collection is shaped through tribal and leopard prints, tight tulle tops with transparencies, platform shoes, fluorine or shiny bags, chokers and accessories with spikes, and other giant accessories with natural motifs such as bears, flowers or mushrooms.

In a time dominated by thousands of daily stimuli, disconnection means taking a step towards personal and collective wellbeing. The common thread of #thisisTECHNONATURE is the tranquillity offered by a more sober and natural life, but always supported by the digital world.

In addition, BIMBA Y LOLA takes the opportunity to also present its new website, much more modern, dynamic and intuitive. If you haven’t already done so, we encourage you to take a look at the online shop and/or app.