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New York’s emerging brand, Lourdes, reveals the SS21 “Divine Intervention” lookbook. Its designer, Andreas Aresti, draws inspiration from the “new normality” to create the narrative of each garment. 

Lourdes, an emerging brand based in New York, debuts this season with a new collection entitled “Divine Intervention”. Following the success of Paris Fashion Week earlier this year, the designer has become a focus of attention in the fashion industry. Keep his name. Now he claims to be inspired by the “new normality” of this 2020 for the development of the garments of this latest proposal.

For her second season, Lourdes reaffirms her aesthetic based on deconstructed garments. Thus she shows us different pieces that take on different shapes. This is the case of a blue t-shirt transformed into a skirt; or a long-sleeved t-shirt to which she has placed a shirt collar to reverse its appearance. On the other hand, he proposes some jeans full of pockets that run along the legs and that elevate their functionality.

A deer print on a pair of leggings and a padded jacket stand out. “The fawn represents two concepts: The first is that it’s a creature that symbolizes innocence… The second is this idea of pure stillness. When a hunter is hunting, the breath slows down,” Aresti explains in a press release.

“Divine Intervention” is scheduled to launch early this year. In the meantime, let yourself be carried away by the images in the LookBook and dream of wearing every single garment.