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Generations of Dead Heads have used Levi’s® as a canvas to express themselves by customising their jeans, T-shirts and Trucker Jackets.

Levi's® x Grateful Dead

Ahora, Levi’s® y Grateful Dead se reúnen para celebrar este legado. De esta forma, han fusionado diferentes gráficos emblemáticos, tie-dye psicodélico (y sí, uno o dos osos bailando) en una gran colección de prendas denim especiales así como en accesorios. Un viaje extraordinario que celebra el legado de la marca continuado de música, comunidad y creatividad. Y visualizando el futuro.

Now, Levi’s® and the Grateful Dead are coming together to celebrate this legacy. In doing so, they’ve fused iconic graphics, psychedelic tie-dye (and yes, a dancing bear or two) into a large collection of special denim apparel and accessories. An extraordinary journey celebrating the brand‘s continuing legacy of music, community and creativity. And envisioning the future.

Levi's® x Grateful Dead

Feeling the energy

Have you ever noticed that tie-dye looks a bit like the universe? Think like a Dead Head and wear what you love. The Dead is all about radical self-expression, so they asked some San Francisco musicians (and Dead Heads) to show how they’d make it their own. “It’s about recreating whatever comes to mind,” says Virgil. You’re on.

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