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Kim Kardashian woke up on December 21st wanting to help. The celebrity tweeted that as a Christmas gift she would give out no less than $500,000. Small change, wow.

Kim kardashian

It seems that this year Kim is going to give out more prizes than the lottery. Just a few days ago she published on her Twitter account that she would share the loaves of bread with some of her followers. Exactly, $500,000. The celebrity announced that she would send $500 to 1,000 lucky people who would tweet the Cash $Cashtag app using the hashtag #KKWHoliday.

In addition, the mid-sized Kardashian sisters showed concern for families who were having difficulty this year paying rent — Rent?, what are you talking about?—, bringing food to the table or buying a gift for their children. The controversy is served up.

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