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Needles has just shown its FW21 collection inspired by the 70s. The Japanese brand starts from its classic pieces but adds prints and versions from another era. The result is a perfect union between streetwear and classic fashion. 

Focusing on the brand’s classics, Needles proposes its most transcendental version for FW21. Thus, the collection is made up of cashmere suits, quilted pants and fur coats.

Undoubtedly, the protagonists are the long cardigans that come printed in blue and purple leopard animal print. It is true that these garments are a closet staple, but this new iteration will once again become a must-have.

The color palette ranges from the dullest shades of dark brown, green or red to the brightest yellows or oranges. The Needles butterfly logo appears repeatedly on the garments in the collection.

We still don’t know the release dates of this dreamlike collection. In the meantime, you can find out what’s new for FW21 here.