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50 Cent defends Will Smith to Jada Pinkett Smith

The actress’ recent confessions prompted an unexpected response from the rapper and producer, who came to Will’s defense.

50 Cent defends Will Smith to Jada Pinkett Smith

Recently, Jada Pinkett Smith revealed some shocking details about her past as a teenage drug dealer.

The actress opened her heart in an interview with People magazine this week, sharing details about her experience selling drugs as a teenager. The actress explained that, at the time, she felt she had no other choice and that dealing drugs was a way to secure a future amid difficult circumstances.

“I knew that whatever I needed was something I had to procure for myself”, Jada confessed. “I decided to sell drugs”.

Jada also spoke about her family background, describing how her mother struggled with heroin addiction and how a lack of resources at home led her to make extreme choices. “Growing up, the dealers were the ones with wealth”, she explained. “That’s what we easily saw as success. In my case, given my circumstances, my mother was not well off. She was a high-functioning heroin addict. We didn’t have the things we should have. The house we lived in was not taken care of”.

These statements by Jada were enough to attract the attention of 50 Cent, who reacted on social media by posting an image of the actress with a caption that read, “Jada Pinkett Smith reveals she sold a lot of crack as a teenager”. Below the image, the rapper wrote: “Alright, enough is enough. Release Will Smith. Wtf is going on?”.

Jada Pinkett Smith’s comments not only addressed her past, but also the current status of her relationship with Will Smith. The actress revealed that the couple made the decision to separate in 2016 and have been living “completely separate lives” ever since. Jada explained, “I think by the time we got to 2016 we were exhausted from trying. I think we were both still stuck in our fantasy of what we thought the other person should be”.

Will Smith, meanwhile, responded to these comments on his Instagram account with a video of him napping on a boat, captioned “Notifications off”.

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