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A Bathing Ape opens the doors of its new BAPE CAFE!?® in Hong Kong

The first BAPE CAFE!?® in Harbour City is coming to offer Hong Kong fans a BAPE® inspired social environment.

When streetwear and hospitality meet, instagram-worthy things like Hong Kong’s new BAPE CAFE!?® are born. Located inside the brand’s new store in Harbor City Mall, the BAPE CAFE!?® is all about the brand’s iconic prints.

Entering the space, we are greeted by gray marble countertops and BAPE Modernica Fiber Shell chairs in military green camouflage print. Further back in the café, there are three huge booths with BAPE camouflage sofas in red, blue and green.

The BAPE CAFE!?® food concept specializes in the fusion of Western and Japanese cuisine. The complete menu includes starters, main courses, snacks, desserts and drinks. One of the top dishes is the BAPE® burger (HK$159), on a perfectly fried bun, served with salad and a special sauce. Other items on the menu are: grilled short rib (HK$399), Japanese curry pork-chop rice (HK$129) and pepperoni pizza (HK$149). All of them can be accompanied with sides such as the Crispy Golden Fries with truffle (HK$69) or the Seared Tuna Niçoise Salad (HK$199).

So now you know, if one day you stop by  Harbour City Mall and you feel like indulging in one of the coolest stores in the mall, BAPE CAFE! is waiting for you with open arms!

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