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A romance between Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce? We tell you all about it

The artist went to the NFL player’s game with her mother and left Arrowhead Stadium together after the game. Romance in sight?

A romance between Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce? We tell you all about it

The entertainer has taken the internet by storm after attending a Kansas City Chiefs game with the NFL player’s mother, who was later spotted leaving Arrowhead Stadium together. They were later spotted leaving Arrowhead Stadium together. Romance in sight?

After the release of her latest album Midnights, the singer announced The Eras Tour, a world tour in which she would recall all her musical stages, thus becoming a historic milestone in terms of ticket sales. He also announced the release of a documentary based on the tour this October, which will gross more than 100 million dollars. As if that wasn’t enough, the superstar swept the MTV VMAs with nine awards and still managed to squeeze in time to attend one of Travis Kelce’s games.

What are the odds that the person you like, a world pop star in the middle of a global tour, will accept your request to come watch you play in a National Football League (NFL) game? What are the odds that she’ll do it sitting next to your mother? And that after the game, she’ll leave with you and you’ll get caught? Well, that’s what happened in a nutshell between the artist and the rugby player. Rumours that the two might be together were confirmed when they were first seen in public leaving together.

The pair left the Kansas City Chiefs game in a video posted by a fan on social media following Kelce’s win over the Chicago Bears. Taylor and Travis seemed to be in a great mood and although they weren’t holding hands, they were walking very close together, which for swifties is proof enough to confirm the romance. The moment came after the singer was spotted at the stadium with his mother Donna Kelce.

The performer’s appearance at the stadium comes just days after Travis revealed he had invited her to the game. “I said, ‘I’ve seen you succeed on stage at Arrowhead, maybe you need to come see me succeed at the stadium and we can see which one of us does it better,” she said during a sports show. The love story, which has not yet been officially confirmed, began earlier this month when several media outlets reported, citing unnamed sources around them, that they had been “quietly dating” for several weeks.

It all starts with a friendship bracelet, the bracelets that the artist’s fans exchange at her concerts. Kelce, who attended The Eras Tour at the same stadium where he played the game, tried to give Taylor his phone number through this type of accessory, but fate wanted to complicate the story a little. “I was disappointed that I couldn’t see her before or after her concerts,” he said. But he still challenged her to come to his next game and she was there to cheer him on.

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