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Acne Studios presents its SS24 Men’s Collection

Acne Studios SS24 reminds us of the traveling spirit of the young people of the 17th century, with an eccentric collection of holiday style.

Acne Studios presents its SS24 Men’s Collection

Inspired by a modern traveler, the SS24 men’s collection celebrates eccentric vacation style with a focus on the timeless charm of denim. With a transgressive spirit, the collection also includes a collaboration with innovative Swedish ceramicist and glass artist Per B. Sundberg.

For SS24, Jonny Johansson thought of how young people in the 17th century would take a ‘Grand Tour’ to see important destinations in Europe and return home more cultivated. Johansson recalls his own trip to Venice, where he would pack his most personal garments, which are mixed with new ones, and tourist paraphernalia. “You experiment with what you pack, you feel free to change your identity and be more eccentric with your style.”

Based on denim, a versatile travel staple, the 27 looks feature the quirky, unconventional maximalism that all tourists are known for. Layers upon layers, accessories upon accessories, and a collection that refuses to shy away from bold colors, mismatched prints and silhouettes play with what they’ve picked up from that long trip. “It’s not about a defined silhouette or a clear graphic look, but more about layering. It’s about an accumulation of things you’ve picked up along the way,” says Jonny Johansson, creative director of Acne Studios.

The clashing colors create unexpectedly energetic combinations, inspired by the brightly painted houses on the Venetian island of Burano. Dark blues, blacks and browns are juxtaposed with bright, bold hues such as tomato orange, baby pink and grass green.

Collaboration with Per B. Sundberg: Art for Acne Studios

Acne Studios collaborates with innovative Swedish ceramicist and glass artist Per B. Sundberg on eclectic prints and jewelry for the SS24 Menswear collection. The Stockholm-based takes an experimental approach to materials and provocative themes. His burlesque works are characterized by a non-conformist attitude. For his collaboration with Acne Studios, Sundberg transfers his pioneering practice of embedding ceramic pieces in glass to fabric. His collages of curiosities and kitschy figurines appear as distorted prints on shiny materials intended to mimic the lustrous look of glass. We can find them in silk scarves, loose-fitting shirts, shorts and pants, shopper bags and a hard-shell cross-body handbag. Moreover, prints based on her signature skulls appear on wool sweaters and T-shirts, while miniature furry skulls are the dominant motif on costume jewelry.

In addition to its collaboration with Per B.Sundberg, Acne Studios introduces a new logo, the “Logogram.” Inspired by the symbols of peace, the anarchist and the Yin-Yang, this logo features the letters AS inside a circle. Moreover, the distorted Acne Studios logo appears in belts with metallic buckles and appears printed on bags and shoes.

To take a look on this Acne Studios summer capsule, you can click here.

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