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AVAVAV trashes its haters at FW24

The most sarcastic and irreverent brand in the system is now more ironic than ever with fashion.

AVAVAV trashes its haters at FW24

AVAVAV‘s frenetic spring-summer 2024 fashion show, beyond stressing out the attendees, provoked a wave of all the internet users connected on the net, who agreed to react to the show, the collection and the performance that they described as ‘trash’.

Now, Beate Karlsson turns that virtual frustration around and somehow whitewashes all that cyber-bullying to come up with a new modern reality in which she explores chaos and decadence; letting attendees throw trash -literally- at the models as they walked the runway.

That new scoring or show rating system made many people’s dream come true, as it demonstrated its mastery of innovative, playful and performative fashion during Milan Fashion Week.

In the midst of that trash-filled scenography, the Swedish brand thus updated its value system based on the contemporary meme by drawing inspiration from negative comments as a source of inspiration.

The memeification of fashion

“This brand is a joke,” “I hate you guys,” and “Is this supposed to be good?” are comments that reside in the daily imagination of the account. These were reflected on the side screens set up at the parade, which read things like “This brand is a joke” and “AVAVAV is overrated.”

AVAVAV‘s collection of 26 looks received all that hate in a literal way, especially, one of the models who wore a white hooded dress and collaborative EASTPAK bag, soaking in soda or fruit peels.

That composition of scraps, deconstructed and ripped pieces (de)structured the collection: from ruffled mini-dresses or cropped oversize sweatshirts to wide stacked pants, buttoned blazers loaded with googly eyes, ‘sale’ t-shirts, foldover calf boots or wraparound bug-eye sunglasses with which to finish configuring the look with which to stylishly ignore her entire community of haters.

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