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Baby Blond: the blonde you’re going to want to wear this summer

Blondes are colours that start from a dark base and need to be cleaned very well to keep it as light and healthy as possible.

Baby Blond: the blonde you’re going to want to wear this summer

We’ve seen a revival of 90s and 2000s hair. We’ve revived scrunchies, butterfly clips and headbands from when we were in primary school, but what’s the next hair colour trend? It’s all about baby blonde.

The Baby Blond could be said to be a blonde with light pigments, with no colour and which simulates the hair of newborn babies. Tones that stand out for being neutral colours without being cold or warm, something that makes it suitable for a wider public as it achieves more harmony with the rest of the colour.

To achieve Baby Blond the experts use a very specific technique to work it. First they arrive at a very light blonde which is then worked with vanilla shades. This results in a blonde that is suitable for all types of faces as its colour is very neutral.

When it comes to caring for Baby Blond, an insistent routine is necessary as blondes need more care compared to other hair tones. “One of the hair care treatments is the ‘Ultimate Repair by Wella‘ which restructures the entire hair fibre keeping the hair always hydrated and nourished.

As for colour, Baby Blond can be worn both on the whole head and in highlights, although it is true that both require a lot of attention to be paid to the colour treatment. In fact, they explain that “the best thing to do in between colours is to shade the hair to get a perfect, correct blonde”.

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