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Bad Bunny asked Pedro Pascal, Mick Jagger and Lady Gaga for help on ‘Saturday Night Live’

The Puerto Rican’s debut as host of Saturday Night Live’s 49th season was full of surprises and guest stars.

Bad Bunny asked Pedro Pascal, Mick Jagger and Lady Gaga for help on ‘Saturday Night Live’

In his opening bilingual monologue, Bad Bunny addressed doubts about his ability to host the show in English, even though it is not his native language. Humorously, he stated that he can do everything in English, even order at McDonald’s, but prefers sex in Spanish because it’s better, according to him.

However, during his monologue, Benito was interrupted by on-screen subtitles that read “SPEAKING IN NON-ENGLISH,” referring to a past controversy at the Grammys where his performance was not translated.

To overcome this, Bad Bunny enlisted the help of his friend Pedro Pascal to translate and give him advice on self-deprecating jokes.

In addition to his role as host, Bad Bunny also appeared as a musical guest, performing songs from his latest album “Nadie Sabe Lo Que Va a Pasar Mañana”, including “Un Preview” and “Monaco”.

The SNL episode also featured an unexpected appearance by two music icons, Mick Jagger and Lady Gaga, the latter also performing her first-ever performance in Spanish. Throughout the show, Bad Bunny was involved in several sketches, in some playing various characters, from a soap opera star to a Shrek fan.

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