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Balenciaga Spring 2024: an ordinary day in Paris

Balenciaga draws in his Spring 2024 an ordinary day in Paris, with his entourage of languid figures leaving and entering number 10 Avenue George V.

Balenciaga Spring 2024: an ordinary day in Paris

Under the name “Capital B”, Balenciaga presents its new Spring 2024 collection in an exclusively digital way. Demna leaves the show live and direct. He takes his entourage of apocalyptic beings for a walk, right where the facade of the Balenciaga Haute Couture boutique. A backdrop that recalls its founder, Cristóbal, who installed his first boutique precisely here, baptizing it “Le Dix”.

In this 5-minute audiovisual piece, directed by Spanish artist Mau Morgó in a single continuous shot, Demna unveils 44 looks divided into two chapters. The first part of Garde Robe-the “basic closet” line-is all about timeless basics. In the next part, ready-to-wear pieces predominate, subject to the season.

Both shows are designed with the demands of everyday life in mind, presenting Balenciaga’s languid models in everyday actions such as skating, arriving from a party, taking a bike, retrieving a coin. Even the tailoring pieces exhibit the house’s characteristic languor. Embracing this hurried energy of any world capital, the Biker Boot evolves into the Pantashoe, combining enhanced maneuverability with a touch of demi-couture elegance.

Balenciaga’s everydayness expressed through Parisian life has turned out to be so extremely quotidian that it borders on boring. Wasn’t fashion meant to help us escape from the reality of the world and take us to scenarios anything but everyday? Balenciaga managed one day to make his apocalyptic world a brand. Now it seems he wants to change his universe. A universe that within the absolute simplicity in its form, has also become repetitive. Much of the collection rescues pieces from other seasons. It even makes a review of the Vetements archive with which the Gvasalia brothers once broke the mold. Nothing new under the sun.

Honestly, we only elucidate that it’s Balenciaga Spring 2024 because they tell us so. If we have to talk about distinctive points compared to other seasons, the proposal has nothing to stand out. And if this is what we should expect from the new Balenciaga, perhaps the brand framed in the industry as we knew it, has no place.

Rumors about the return of Balenciaga x Adidas collaboration.

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