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Ben Yart unveils his new magic formula: Popper

Equal parts breezy and spiky, Popper, the new track from Ben Yart, transports us to that place where anything is possible.

Ben Yart unveils his new magic formula: Popper

The Pamplona native returns with an intoxicating single dedicated to friends, flickering lights and nights that never end.

Popper is the new single by Ben Yart, a cumbia villera that sounds like flying inside a balloon that bounces between the hands of two children, a bubble of laughter and lightness that contains the childish illusion of seeing someone taking something out of their pocket. Popper takes us to that place where everything is possible: the dance floor of the disco occupied by all your friends and that aroma that turns everything into laughter and magic.

With production by Chilean Guille Scherping and recorded at La Joyería, this new single of tropical sounds comes from the recording sessions of the Oso Polita label at BIME, with the aim of bringing together artists from different parts of the world in a studio to create synergies. Popper is the perfect example: Ben Yart’s unique delivery and acid lyrics marry perfectly with Scherping’s bubbly instrumental.

In the video clip, directed by Alejo Ayala, Ben Yart travels surrounded by his friends through a night of partying, hedonism and speed. The headlights of tuned-up cars, the long fingernails and the particular cheekiness that surrounds the singer’s universe accompany the sassy tone of the Pamplona-born singer, who performs the song between dances and neon lights.

Popper is the new step of the effervescent Ben Yart, who after the release of his latest mixtape Ceros, his time on David Broncano’s programme La Resistencia and the success of his collaboration with Gallery “Ceros”, continues to surprise and always keeps the unknown of what the future holds for him. To keep track of him, he can be seen soon at Festival_B (Barcelona), RAK$ CLUB (Mallorca), or Lekuona Fabrika, among others.

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