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Welcome to Dieseltopia, where the love for the “D” reigns

Diesel new campaign starring TOMM¥ €A$H is a safe space where the brand’s disciples declare their allegiance to the “D”.

Welcome to Dieseltopia, where the love for the “D” reigns

Diesel continues to focus its creative efforts on the “D”, as demonstrated in its new Prefall 2023 campaign. An irreverent play on the cult of fashion, where Diesel disciples led by TOMM¥ €A$H are united by their love for the “D” and the shared values of freedom, individualism, humor and rebellion.

Glenn Martens together with art director Chris Simmonds and photographer Marili Andre develop in this campaign an ironic and irreverent look at the brand’s logomania and cult products. Estonian rapper and singer TOMM¥ €A$H plays an imaginary guru of the Diesel tribe, an anti-establishment magnetic weirdo. His family hangs on his every word, participating in unusual Dieseltopia rituals. They all declare their allegiance for the D” through their clothing because by wearing the Oval D, they are part of the Diesel family.

In this wonderful Dieseltopia, the 1DR bag appears in vibrant pop colors, and sweatpants. There are endless items with the classic Oval D: sweatshirts, metallic bikinis, caps, belts and even underwear. The collection expands the treatments and applications of the Oval D logo, inflating it, miniaturizing it and depicting it in hardware or contrasting colors.

And in your universe, does the cult of the D also exist? If not, you can always enter Dieseltopia, a safe space where the essential is the pursuit of pleasure, enjoyment, self-expression and satisfaction. Will you join?

All about the Diesel Pop Up at Wow Concept.

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