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Bold Glamour: TikTok’s filter that causes body dysmorphia

TikTok’s Bold Glamour filter that transforms faces reignites the debate on beauty standards and mental health.

TikTok’s Bold Glamour filter that transforms users’ faces reignites the debate on beauty standards and mental health.

A new TikTok filter is revolutionising the social network for its hyper-realistic capacity. We are referring to Bold Glamour, a filter that applies an algorithm by means of which the face is rejuvenated, wrinkles disappear and features become more pronounced. Although this type of mask already existed before, the remarkable thing about this new one is the precision with which it transforms the face almost imperceptibly. This is provoking innumerable criticisms among users.

In order to apply the filter you have to click on the ‘+’ icon and then on “Effects”, where you will see the Bold Glamour filter represented by two faces. It should be noted that it is not yet available in all countries, so it is possible that it does not appear. Once you click on this layer, artificial intelligence is applied with surgical precision to remove anything that detracts from the aesthetics of the face: wrinkles, pallor or expression lines.

What impact does the algorithmic application of instant beauty have on the younger generation? “This shouldn’t be legal,” says Kelly Strack, a well-known social networker. Strack accompanies this statement with footage of her face, unblemished and made up, seemingly as soon as she gets out of bed. Users are aware of the mind trap in the same sequence when Strack deactivates the filter and shows a young woman in her natural state after waking up.


This filter is really something else 😂 should I try and do a tutorial recreating this filter with makeup? #fyp #makeup #beauty #beautyfilter #boldglamour #AXERatioChallenge

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The realism of this filter has only fuelled an ever-present debate on Instagram, and TikTok: the enslavement of the new generations to beauty standards. Filters are causing many mental health problems among young people. Among them, body dysmorphic disorder, i.e. not being able to stop thinking about one or more self-perceived flaws that make you feel ashamed, intimidated and even make you avoid many social situations.

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