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Bottega Veneta expands its ‘Home’ line with colourful candles

Italian luxury brand Bottega Veneta has introduced a new collection of coloured candles as part of its home line.

Bottega Veneta expands its ‘Home’ line with colourful candles

A few months ago Bottega Veneta announced that it was entering the ‘home’ universe after launching its first homeware collection with more than 80 items that respected the brand’s hallmark of craftsmanship and design. Now, the fashion label continues to claim the expansion of this line with the launch of three scented candles: ‘Redstone’ has a soft and soothing scent, ‘Raintree’ is described as natural and fresh and ‘Lantern’ is a warm and welcoming scent.

Each waxy scent is held within a ceramic cup, which is sprayed in a multi-tonal lava glaze. ‘Redstone’ features a red finish, while ‘Raintree’ is green and ‘Lantern’ is yellow. The glaze is applied to each candle individually before going through the kiln, which produces air bubbles in the design. The wax is also poured by hand into the containers. The brand pointed out that once the candle is finished, it can be refilled, thus supporting sustainable design.

Bottega Veneta’s new line of candles will be launched online and in shops on Wednesday 22 May.

This was Bottega Veneta’s first launch for the home.

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