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Bottega Veneta Fall/Winter 2023 campaign: a fashion-architecture dialogue

Bottega Veneta Fall/Winter 2023 campaign captures the essence of movement and the beauty of the simple in everyday life.

Bottega Veneta Fall/Winter 2023 campaign: a fashion-architecture dialogue

Bottega Veneta’s latest Fall/Winter 2023 campaign stops us in time, showcasing the ever-transforming artistry that characterizes the Italian house. Under the artistic direction of Matthieu Blazy, the campaign blurs the boundary between fashion and architecture, exploring the legacy of Italy’s architectural wonders. In this conversation between fashion and the architectural environment, the brand builds the ideal closet for contemporary living.

Following in the collaborative and multifaceted tradition of its previous campaigns, this edition features a variety of photographers who capture the essence of Bottega Veneta from their own perspective. They are Malick Bodian, sibling duo Maria and Louise Thornfeldt, and Sander Muylaert.

Luxury in the everyday environment, a constant in the campaigns, also returns organically in this new installment. Matthieu Blazy‘s influence on the house has been highlighted by his eclectic yet deeply thoughtful approach to craftsmanship. The designer brings to life garments that exemplarily fuse aesthetics with functionality.

The campaign conveys this design mission in a subtle way. The images are shot in elegant modernist interiors and everyday urban settings, acting as detailed portraits of the collection, which is brought to life through the personalities who wear it. However, it is in the film that Blazy’s vision reaches its full splendor. Expanding the dimension and narrative of the still images, the campaign film allows us to appreciate the garments in motion, as they were conceived, sometimes even in slow motion. These video effects give us the time we need to appreciate the exquisite details and textures that give the garments their excellence. Although the fates of the characters are not revealed, it is evident that they walk with a purpose in mind, inviting us to explore a world that is dynamic, everyday, full of vitality.

Away from the media spotlight and social media, Bottega Veneta is distinguished by a slower and more reflective fashion compared to other major brands in the luxury industry. This philosophy means that every action they undertake must be impactful, thoughtful and true to the essence of the brand. Yet another season, the Italian house manages to convey these values, a litmus test that it is up to the challenges presented by today’s industry, where we must take a closer look at fashion.

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