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BREAKING NEWS! Manu Ríos and Marc Forné launch today their clothing brand Carrer

CARRER is the ready-to-wear urban fashion brand that seeks to reinvent the classic with versatile and durable pieces.

BREAKING NEWS! Manu Ríos and Marc Forné launch today their clothing brand Carrer

Manu Ríos & Marc Forné, two recognized names in the fashion and entertainment industry, who have left their mark, join forces to present their latest creation to the world today: CARRER, a ready-to-wear fashion brand that promises to reinvent the classic with versatile and durable pieces.

Inspired by the rich repertoire of their closets and nourished by the vibrant energy of their favorite city streets, CARRER introduces a fresh and unique vision to the fashion universe. The brand strikes a masterful balance by combining elements of vintage basics with unmistakable streetwear style. From jackets to sweatshirts to classic pants and t-shirts, CARRER offers a variety of garments to suit every style and occasion.

Manu Ríos, a young promise that has conquered the hearts of cinema and television, transcends borders to consolidate himself as a reference in the world of fashion. His presence in the privileged seats of the most luxurious brands’ fashion shows and his participation in the prestigious MET Gala attest to his influence in the fashion universe. On the other hand, Marc Forné, a stylist with a consolidated career, has built a solid empire in social networks. His ability to capture the essence of fashion and transform it into art has allowed him to dress renowned celebrities, including his current partner, Manu Rios.

The spark for this creative alliance came from their collaboration on the styling of the talented actor. Ríos and Forné’s enduring partnership now materializes in their new brand. “With CARRER we want to embody our passion for timeless and genderless urban fashion. Our inspiration stems from the need for comfortable garments designed for our daily lives. We seek to create a brand that reaffirms our ‘Off Duty’ style and reflects the essence of our daily inspiration, enriched by the diversity of environments and a lifestyle that celebrates exploration and comfort in everyday activity,” state the brand’s founders and creative directors, Manu Ríos and Marc Forné.

CARRER, which means “street” in Catalan, embodies the fusion between urban diversity and a more refined style. The brand is not just fashion, but a reflection of streets, neighborhoods and cities in its clothing, representing a lifestyle that embraces exploration, constant movement and the search for comfort in activity.

Today October 20 at 17:00 is the beginning of a new era in urban fashion with the launch of CARRER. From its own ecommerce, where you can access the entire collection, we are invited to explore a new style and a new way of living. Manu Ríos and Marc Forné have joined forces to create not just clothes, but a fashion experience that captures the very essence of life on the streets of the world’s most vibrant cities.


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