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Britney Spears confesses she and Ben Affleck kissed

The pop princess revealed the episode in 2000 in a photo on Instagram, which she later deleted.

Britney Spears confesses she and Ben Affleck kissed

Pop singer Britney Spears is back in the media spotlight after confessing on her official Instagram profile that she kissed actor Ben Affleck. After publishing her memoirs, where the artist talked about her career in the music world and reopened great controversies, Britney has surprised her followers with a new confession.

After the big controversy with her ex-partner Justin Timberlake, the ‘princess of pop’ has decided to rekindle old conflicts with singer Jennifer Lopez with a publication where JLO’s husband appeared with Spears. In the photograph published by the singer, Britney is accompanied by American songwriter Diane Warren and actor Ben Affleck, with whom she was once romantically linked.

Britney Spears has revealed that, on the day the photo was taken, she kissed Affleck, and added that “something happened before” that she cannot tell. The artist claims that she had “forgotten” about the story. Shortly after telling it, she had second thoughts because she deleted the publication. The funny thing about all this is that Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck’s current wife, has just released a song that samples Justin Timberlake’s ‘Cry Me a River’ at the end.

The pop culture icon and creator of hits such as ‘Baby One More Time’ opens up in her new book ‘The Woman in Me’.

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