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Broccoli Freckles: the new technique for natural freckles

This new beauty technique for painting freckles and getting a natural result is revolutionising TikTok.

Broccoli Freckles: the new technique for natural freckles

In the last week, a new technique for drawing on freckles with makeup has gone viral on TikTok. This trick, which has its own hashtag #broccolifreckles, has caught the attention of the beauty community on social media mainly because it’s done using a vegetable, broccoli, a totally unexpected tool for our toiletry bag. This food rich in vitamin C has proven to offer a totally natural and delicate result.

One of the forerunners of this new trend is make-up artist Abigail Jones, who shared the trick in a TikTok video that currently has more than 11,000 views. In it, Abigail herself shows how she does the trick and her first impressions. The idea is to use a small piece of broccoli like a make-up brush and, using a bronzer, dab it on the cheeks and nose to get those subtle freckles that are so on-trend right now.

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