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Camper launches ReCamper for World Recycling Day

Camper presents ReCamper, a concept that represents the company’s commitment to circularity and sustainability.

Camper is committed to extending the useful life of its shoes and thus preventing them from ending up in landfills, as happens with 95% of the 23 billion shoes produced each year.

Since its origins, Camper has been committed to using the highest quality materials to create durable shoes. Over time, and given the current situation, this commitment has gone further. Today, on the occasion of International Recycling Day, the company also wants to ensure that the life cycle of its products does not end prematurely.

It is for this reason that ReCamper is presented, a concept that represents Camper‘s commitment to circularity and which encompasses all the services they offer to extend the life of their shoes by repairing, reusing or reconverting them and developing a recycling process to dispose of them responsibly.

ReCamper services include Care&Repair, in-store cleaning and repair services; Take Back, a collection programme for used shoes; and ReCrafted, a unique collection of recycled Camper shoes.

As part of the ReCamper concept and coinciding with World Recycling Day, Camper is also launching ReWalk, a collection of second-hand footwear and used shoes rescued through its recycling programme. The collection will be available until 22 March 2023 on the brand’s website.

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