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Carlota Barrera FW23 collection is a tribute to the fishermen

Carlota Barrera FW23 represents the nostalgic reminiscence of the brand’s roots in the Spanish coast and human relationship with nature.

Carlota Barrera(@carlotabarrera) claims his roots in the Spanish coast in his new FW23 collection “Unpheaval”. His new work celebrates the fishermen who spend entire nights at sea fighting the waves and the cold and the famous “redeiras”.

The brand has resorted to a color palette that appeals to fishing clothing, as well as textures that evoke the roughness of the nets and the craftsmanship of the profession. Functional and water-resistant capes, shirts with pronounced curves in the purest Barrera style, sailor stripes appear throughout the collection. Rope and metallic details typical of 1930s workwear intensify the season’s imagery.

Once again, craftsmanship is celebrated with the use of natural coastal elements reworked by hand to make contemporary pieces. A ball top is formed from naturally shaped seaweed, there are hand-braided rope accessories. The roughness of workwear is revisited and elevated to the highest standards of tailoring. Now, the interior finishes and details are as important and significant as the outer layers.

For the creation of the film and campaign photos, the designer has merged the London and Madrid teams. The fashion film evokes the quote “The sea is bitter” from the film “La Tierra Tiempla”, alluding to the bitterness of the night. In this struggle for survival, feelings of delirium, ecstasy and even the loss of the notion of time and space emerge. In the film this desperation comes in the form of harsh sounds in dialogue with different intensities of techno music.

The result of the new Carlota Barrera FW23 season are garments that reinterpret tradition in a contemporary context, and that reflect the maturity of the brand towards a more sophisticated stage, without forgetting our past.

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