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Carlota Barrera presents her ‘Core Collection’ at 080 Barcelona

Carlota Barrera’s ‘Core Collection’ is a bold twist on timelessness, fusing consciousness and enduring value.

Carlota Barrera presents her ‘Core Collection’ at 080 Barcelona

In a challenge to the fast-paced rhythms of the fashion industry, Carlota Barrera has presented her masterpiece, her ‘Core Collection’, as part of 080 Barcelona. This presentation by the designer, outside of the rigid and fast-paced fashion calendars, introduces a timeless narrative and lays the groundwork for the future of sustainable fashion.

Born from a meticulously curated selection of timeless pieces, the ‘Core Collection’ has evolved over time, expanding to claim a prominent place in Carlota Barrera’s universe. The brand’s core collection embraces versatility, celebrating the diversity of identities and promising perpetual relevance.

Responding to the contemporary challenges of overproduction and overstocking, Carlota Barrera focuses on creating timeless pieces, implementing limited edition and “Made to Order” systems to offer exclusivity. Carlota Barrera’s distinctive codes are intrinsically present throughout the collection. Cut and slit details on tops, shirts and pants coexist in harmony with precise tailoring and a careful selection of noble and recycled materials. This approach reflects the brand’s commitment to sustainable production, ensuring not only skin-friendly garments, but also environmentally and socially responsible ones. The result is a collection destined to remain relevant over time.

The contemporary footwear of Spanish brand HEREU masterfully complements Carlota Barrera’s vision, reinforcing the values and message of both brands. HEREU’s craftsmanship, guided by tradition but with a contemporary aesthetic, draws from a rich palette of references, from inherited folk techniques to organic forms from nature. Traditional leather manufacturing and hand-woven and sewing techniques carried out in Spanish family-run workshops ensure the creation of pieces of true longevity, fusing the beautiful and the functional.

For the presentation of Carlota Barrera’s collection, Wekaforé and her team carried out a meticulous process of exploring sounds and letters that conveyed a powerful narrative about time, focusing especially on nostalgia and the duality between the abundance and scarcity of this resource in a society in constant transformation.

Carlota Barrera’s ‘Core Collection’ is a living testimony to the power of innovation, tradition and craftsmanship in the contemporary fashion industry. Her creations stand as beacons guiding towards a more conscious and authentic future in the fashion world.

This has been all that has happened at the 32nd edition of 080 Barcelona.

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