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Chitose Abe shows Sacai’s most classic woman

Sacai revisited the classics with unusual cuts and the result was a collection that could only bear the signature of the Japanese designer.

If in the menswear season Sacai showed its more urban and technical side, now it explores the classic lines by cutting and shifting the position of the details. The cuts of the pieces are in unexpected places, creating an elegance that only the signature ‘Sacai’(@sacaiofficial) could carry.

The basic idea of the collection translates into cutting, shifting details and breaking with traditional construction, as well as moving fabrics to a new position in a garment. In this exercise of deconstruction, the void left in an outfit is filled by applying a different fabric. Why and what for? With the aim of seeking the transformation of the pieces to create a new formality.

Amid the simplicity in colors, there are tweed and polka dot ensembles in black and white, and several pieces in pink and pastel blue, bringing the element of contrast to a collection that stands out for the sobriety in the color palette.

In short, Chitose Abe presents a collection that revisits Sacai’s ever-transforming and subversive elegance, and encourages us to keep our hearts and minds open to the possibility of finding beauty in unexpected places.

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