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Colekt transforms Scandinavian nature into a natural and contemporary lifestyle

Colekt is the vegan and genderless lifestyle brand that focuses on skincare products and natural fragrances.

Colekt is the new vegan and genderless lifestyle brand that focuses on skincare products and natural fragrances.

First launched in autumn 2020, Colekt finds its inspiration in Scandinavian and international design, art, fashion and architecture. Its name comes from the idea of collecting nature’s green flora – capturing nature in a bottle – and focuses on the idea of following a minimalist lifestyle.

Through new processes, collaborations with responsible laboratories and partnerships with specialised professionals, the brand has been selecting and developing its skincare and perfumery line by creating high and clean product ranges. Each reference is produced in limited quantities in order to be able to offer fresh products at all times.

For Colekt, design is as important as content. For this reason, they translate their cultural heritage into their formulas with natural ingredients such as red seaweed, moss, oak roots or mallow leaves with proven benefits. In addition, they also focus much of their efforts on the visual identity, where the blue-grey of their bottles represents the dark sky of Stockholm and the typography of their logo is inspired by the Scandinavian painter Strindberg.

Through its perfume line, Colekt translates the experience of the great northern forests, explores the country gardens in spring and captures the Scandinavian summer on its coast.

The skincare routine is minimalist, suitable for all skin types and created with a modern lifestyle in mind. Moisturisation is the focus of the line and the set protects the skin against pollution and blue light.

All Colekt products are available at WOW Concept‘s 0 floor as well as on their website. What are you waiting for to discover all its secrets?

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