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Curling your lashes upside down? This is the new beauty trend from TikTok

Watch out because you may have been using your eyelash curler incorrectly, but don’t worry, TikTok has the answer.

Watch out because you might have been using your eyelash curler incorrectly all this time. But don’t worry because TikTok has discovered the technique you need to follow if you want an XXL look.

The eyelash curler is a must-have tool for many makeup fans. Although the usual way to use this tool is to place it near the root of the lashes in the way that is determined, TikTok has once again surprised us with a way to apply it that we didn’t know about.

It involves using the eyelash curler upside down to achieve more length and volume. The beauty content creator Audrey Boos is in charge of making this trend more dynamic on the platform. The artist first uses the curler in the way we are used to and then turns it upside down. We leave the video below for you to understand it better.

@audboos Replying to @elisetferrell how I curl my lashes UPSIDE DOWN #makeuptutorial #grwm #eyelashes ♬ original sound – audrey

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