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Diesel FW24: A democratic game of prints

We had the pleasure of attending the show and witnessing this commitment to the democratisation of fashion led by Glenn Martens.

Diesel FW24: A democratic game of prints

More than 1,000 people from all over the world were able to discover all the secrets of Glenn Martens’ latest proposal.

72 hours before the start of the big show at 56 Via Rubattino in Milan, the creative director made available to the public everything that goes into such an event: from the design teams perfecting the final details of the collection in the ateliers to the models in the fittings and the set construction process. The exciting moments were immortalised by up to five different cameras with a direct connection to a thousand of the brand’s fans.

For Glenn, the concept was simple: to show the hidden sides that no one shows or, in his own words, “the multiple layers: it’s who we all are”.

We had the pleasure of attending the show and witnessing this commitment to the democratisation of fashion, surrounded by large screens with spectators connected live. There, an infinity of surprises were unveiled, orchestrated by an attractive play of layers, prints and textures, where leopard animal print and denim – as usual with the designer – took centre stage.

A devoured jersey shirt simulated a kind of heat burn, as did sleeveless T-shirts and long-sleeved mini-dresses. The double-breasted denim coats, which at first glance appeared coated, but when unbuttoned reveal the original denim that makes them up. Floral dresses with puffed sleeves hide vibrant colours underneath and bold prints on the layers underneath. Chunky knits become outerwear such as coats and jackets, as well as skirts, hats and hoods.

On the other hand, the top and mini skirt sets and bandeau dresses feature graphics of screenshots from the live broadcast hosted by Diesel, while the coats evoke chaos with their shaggy, tousled volumes. In terms of accessories, the new version of the 1DR bag stands out in leopard and the way the Scrunched D brings together the leather in a Diesel D and incorporates drawstring side pockets. The Trash D bag is attractive thanks to its soft structure and the metal clip detailing that holds the handles, and the Charm-D is finished off with a faux fur trim.

Scroll through the gallery and discover some of the most outstanding looks from the FW24 collection.

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