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Doubtful Candies: the most iconic pills turned into premium sweets

The 6 most iconic ecstasy pills of the 90s and 2000s become premium candies thanks to Doubtful Candies.

Doubtful Candies: the most iconic pills turned into premium sweets

Creative label Days Off has created a limited collection of premium candies that mimic the aesthetics of the most iconic ecstasy pills of the 2000s and 90s.

After releasing Greatest Flops, the first Greatest Flops compilation vinyl, the creative lab Days Off, presents its second drop, Doubtful Candies; the most iconic ecstasy pills of the nineties and twenties, converted into an exclusive collection of premium candies that imitate the aesthetics and visual universe of the pastis, to present them in a completely legal consumption format; although with a powerful charge of ambiguity in its aesthetic and narrative proposal.

In total 6 pills have been reinterpreted to create 6 unique candies with 6 premium flavours:

  1. Mitsubishi, yuzu flavour.
  2. Louis V, orange blossom flavour.
  3. Hello Kitty, lychee flavour
  4. Superman, glacier mint flavour.
  5. Toad, cherry flavour
  6. Grenade, lime flavour

A tribute to electronic music, cosmic nights and altered states of consciousness. Doubtful Candies decontextualises something as childish and naïve as a candy and presents it as an adult object, in environments typical of pills such as a rave, or the bathroom of a discotheque. Or perhaps it is the other way around, perhaps Doubtful Candies infantilises and strips designer drugs of all illegal connotations by presenting them as candy.

In a context where popular culture is revisiting the aesthetics of the 90s and 2000s in all its aspects, from fashion, music, to series like La Ruta or Nacho; Doubtful Candies wanted to bring their particular nostalgic and creative look to those years of techno, spiritual liberation and altered states of consciousness, reinterpreting something as adult as pastis through something as childish as sweets. A nostalgic look at two separate and distant moments in life, united in the same item.

The gastronomic development and design of the sweets is the work of the Barcelona-based institute Makeat @Makeatbcn, a cutting-edge gastronomic innovation studio, with clients such as ABAC, David Muñoz, Lasarte, Levi’s and Martini, among others. The manufacturing has been carried out by the Çukor bakery, also from Barcelona, both institutions of reference in the gastronomic sector.

Doubtful Candies is presented with a short film directed by the talented filmmaker Gerseys @gerseys. During his career, Gerseys has worked for brands such as Loewe and Little Spain, and for artists such as Nathy Peluso, Aaron Piper and Bad Gyal, among others. The musical production of the film is the work of Leftee @elnietodelaruta, artist and producer for other artists such as MDA, C.Marí or Lunaki. All the visual identity of the drop is by Jordy Kuster @jordykuster.

Doubtful Candies are on limited sale at

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