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Emerging designer shares his bad experience with Drake’s stylist

Taking to Twitter, emerging designer Jackson Napier tells us how Drake’s stylist tried to take advantage of his work.

Emerging designer shares his bad experience with Drake’s stylist

Emerging designer Jackson Napier denounces one of the most common problems in the fashion system. The creative sent one of his trousers to Drake’s stylist at his request, who refused to pay him and ghosted him.

The Chicago-based designer has denounced one of the most repeated issues within the fashion industry linked to the abuse of power. Through a Twitter thread, the creative shared everything that happened with Drake’s stylist including photos and screenshots of a saga, which, according to him, began with a request for a pair of trousers by Drew Ferguson.

A few weeks ago, the designer posted the trousers on Instagram promoting his upcoming fashion show. A few minutes later he received a message from Drew congratulating him on the creation and asking for some for Drake. Jackson had experienced similar situations with celebrity stylists before and it caused him uncertainty, but he obviously didn’t say no to such a request.

“Overnight I made and sent these trousers to Drake’s stylist Drew Ferguson in less than 48 hours and after receiving them, he has cheated me and refused to pay me,” Napier said, adding that this was a clear example of a stylist “using his proximity to celebrities to take advantage of young designers”. After the uproar on Twitter, he has finally been paid.

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