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Études’ creative change of course

The brand will not show at the next fashion week due to a new creative approach that will take place over the next year.

Études’ creative change of course

The next Paris Fashion Week will not have the Études Studio show on its calendar. The creative trio behind the brand, Aurélien Arbet, Jérémie Égry and José Lamali, want to embark on an adventure with new creative approaches that emphasise reflection and the presentation of unprecedented perspectives.

Although there will be no fashion show, the collection for the season will be presented to the public via the networks and will be available in the showroom. “At Études we like times and numbers. Just like a clock finishing its day course we  are taking the opportunity of this new year and the upcoming N°24 collection to re-start.  2024 marks a new beginning. In response to a world that never stops, we decided to  take our time to prepare carefully for this new year.  2024 will be the terrain for  transformation to be unveiled”, says the creative trio in a statement.

Études Studio has always been known for its multidisciplinary approach that goes beyond fashion. In addition to its clothing collections, the brand engages in artistic projects, editorials and collaborations that encompass various forms of creative expression. The brand has collaborated with a variety of artists and brands, leading to unique collections and innovative projects. These collaborations reinforce the brand’s connection to the world of contemporary art and culture.

With this new direction, the brand founded in Paris in 2012 reaffirms its codes and sets new challenges for 2024. Welcome to the dawn of a new era for Études.

To see the Nº23 collection by Études, click here.

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