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Exclusive! Rosalía reveals her definitive lip combo

Rosalía has revealed through TikTok the list of products she uses to create her signature wet lips.

Exclusive! Rosalía reveals her definitive lip combo

As sharing is beautiful, here is the list of products Rosalía uses to achieve glossy lips.

TikTok is Rosalía’s social network par excellence for telling us about her beauty routines, and this time it wasn’t going to be any different. The singer replied to one of her fans Bea De Olives who posted a video attaching photos of Rosalía’s lips and tagging her to reveal the trick to glossy lips. The singer was quick to leave a comment on the video revealing her best kept secret.

“Hi honey it’s Cold Brew by Nyx + Earth Dust by Byredo + Benetint inside + any gloss you like and all well blended”, was Rosi’s response. It’s been 14 hours since the artist answered her and the video already has more than 135 thousand views, so if you still haven’t included these products in your routine we recommend you don’t delay because some of them are already sold out.


Nyx Suede Matte Lip Liner in shade Cold Brew

Using a creamy lip liner such as Suede Matte Lip Liner helps provide a perfect base for your top lipsticks. PRO TIP: Professional make-up artists recommend using the pencil to define the entire lip shape for more volume, and once outlined, apply the lip liner to the inside of the lip for a more even and long-lasting effect.

Byredo Lipstick in the shade Earth Dust

This lipstick from the brand is a pale nude with a yellow undertone that has a satin finish to reflect light and amplify colour. Its vegan formula is packed with nourishing ingredients to make your lips look hydrated.

Benetint inside Benefit Cosmetic

Benetint is an original rose petal liquid blush for your cheeks and lips. Created in the 1970s by an exotic dancer, Benetint, the benefit blusher, quickly became a cult product. Now that clean look and no make-up make-up are beauty trends, lip and cheek tints are becoming great allies in the make-up routine, and with this product you will achieve a natural finish and the much coveted “bitten mouth” effect.

Dior Addict Lip Glow Oil in shade 000 Universal Clear

Dior Addict Lip Glow Lip Balm becomes a shimmering oil that protects, beautifies and enhances the natural colour of the lips. This lip oil combines an intense treatment formula with a natural, flattering colour finish for an ultra-luminous result. Dior Addict Lip Glow Oil adapts to all lip colours to reveal its rosy glow. Its non-greasy, non-sticky oil texture forms a smoothing film that envelops the lips with a mirror effect.

Rosalía has the accessory you’ll want to copy this season.

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