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From motomami to normcore: Rosalía’s latest stylistic transformation

We take a superficial look at the artist’s aesthetic evolution up to her current phase.

From motomami to normcore: Rosalía’s latest stylistic transformation

Rosalía, as she made clear forever in one of her lyrics, is constantly transforming herself. An incessant stylistic experimentation with which she expresses the language of our time as a dissident profile of fashion.

From post-modernism or the post-apocalyptic aesthetic of Rick Owens, with which she ascended to a higher plane in the spectrum of decadent beauty, to the sensual and aggressive Motomami codes with which she distorted the system. That evolution has now shifted to a more preppy style, as she masterfully reflected during the Prada SS24 show with a headband and a college set of white shirt, knitted waistcoat and long tailored skirt.


The art of provocation and the exploration of limitless design have always been at the base of the creation or construction of a large part of his outfits, assisted by his sister Pili, of his work and character itself. However, as we have been able to see over the last few months, the music and fashion icon has been moving towards new, much more sober and neutral styles, diluting the maximalism and eccentricities that characterised her until a few months ago. It is only worth remembering her endless gel nails, her grandiose leather and transparent looks or her endless platforms.

This updating of the urban clothing archetype by Rosalía now derives in a much more normcore or ‘silent luxury’ expression with which she continues to combine this mix between pieces by cult or reputed designers and other emerging ones that tend towards a more athleisure or neutral aesthetic.

In fact, this is what she seems to have shown during her latest dates with Jeremy Allen, with monochromatic looks, oversize shirts or sportswear with which she has opted for more casual outfits.

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