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Gentle Monster introduces its new ‘Bold’ line

Gentle Monster presents its new line of sunglasses ‘BOLD’ with a collection inspired by the galaxy.

The first BOLD collection, entitled “Galaxy of 9 Evenings”, with stars and celestial bodies, embodies the intrepid spirit of Gentle Monster (@gentlemonster).

The campaign, photographed by the talented Heji Shin, illustrates an existential and transcendent phenomenon: the birth of a galaxy. Each pair of glasses incorporates a star motif to symbolise the theme of the collection.

The whole concept is essentially inspired by the 1966 art project “9 Evenings: Theatre and Engineering”, which blurred the boundaries between art and science. This project was the first large-scale collaboration between artists, engineers and scientists. The 3 groups worked together for 10 months to develop technical equipment and systems that were used as an integral part of the artists’ performances. Their collaboration produced many innovations in the use of new technologies for theatre, both with the new creation of ad hoc designed systems and equipment, as well as the innovative use of existing equipment.

The BOLD line will be a continuous feature at Gentle Monster from this coming year. The brand plans to launch different concepts every year as variations of the BOLD line.

The new collection of the Gentle Monster “BOLD” linea, “Galaxy of 9 Evenings”, is already available at the brand’s webstore. Prices range from $320 USD to $400 USD.

To see more of Gentle Monster’s latest releases, you can do so here.

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