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Givenchy to release an exclusive T-shirt with UNDERCOVER

Matthew M. Williams announced today that the UNDERCOVER x Givenchy T-shirt will be released on the 26th exclusively at GINZA SIX in Tokyo.

Givenchy to release an exclusive T-shirt with UNDERCOVER

On the occasion of the opening of Givenchy’s store at the GINZA SIX shopping mall in Tokyo, Japan, creative director Matthew M Williams is launching an exclusive Givenchy collaboration with one of Japan’s most influential brands, UNDERCOVER.

The news came today via the designer’s Instagram account, which announced the release of a special edition T-shirt. Citing Jun Takahashi, founder of UNDERCOVER, as one of his main inspirations, Williams has expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to carry out this collaboration. The caption reads: “Jun Takahashi has been a major inspiration in my life. Jun working across many creative mediums besides fashion such as painting, sculpture, and music inspired me to do the same. Creativity is infinite and has no boundaries , limits or labels. Jun and his work are authentically connected to culture. Which is rare for designers and brands in this era. Designers connected to music, art and culture inspired me to want to work in fashion when I was a teenager. I am grateful and it is a honor to be welcomed to Tokyo by Undercover and Jun with this symbolic collaboration of friendship. Thank you Jun for making a generation dream.”

The accompanying images reveal a special graphic design featuring the Japanese brand’s iconic gothic bear decorated with the luxury house’s monogram logo all over its body. The T-shirt is expected to be released in both white and black with the bear in the center area.

The UNDERCOVER x Givenchy T-shirt will be available for purchase on August 26th exclusively at Givenchy GINZA SIX. If you happen to be in Tokyo on this date, don’t miss this launch of a union of two exceptional creatives!

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