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Givenchy y (B).STROY come together in their first capsule

Givenchy experiments with all things artistic in its first capsule collection with (B).STROY.

Givenchy (@givenchy) joins (B).STROY, by Brick Owens and Dieter Grams, in a streetwear capsule that explores the power of creativity.

The capsule fuses the worlds of art and fashion in a casual and fun way. Delving into (B).STROY’s Atlanta roots, this unisex collection is composed of the closet basics that everyone needs: varsity jackets, sweaters, hoodies, polo shirts or worn denim garments. As accessories, we find sunglasses, hats or socks.

Layered colors, patches, and embroidery make this release unique and artistic. The experimental treatment used is an essential aspect of the collection, which includes a Givenchy x (B).STROY double-headed hoodie inspired by the brand’s iconic design.

To see all the looks from the capsule, you can check out the gallery above. The Givenchy x (B).STROY collaboration is now available in-store and online.



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