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Haircut trends for this season

The sharp bob, long bob, polished chignons, high updos and pixie cuts are at the top of the trends for spring 2024.

Haircut trends for this season

If there’s one thing that characterises this spring’s hairstyling trends, it’s that all of them together form a mix that sums up what the last five years have been about. Topping the list this spring are sharp bobs, long bobs, polished chignons, high updos and pixie cuts in almost every style, along with vanilla blondes, chocolate caramel and cherry red. Also, honey-coloured highlights, the lob cut and two other short cuts that are always a hit: the blunt and the clavicut.

One of the cuts we’ll be seeing more of in March, April and May is the lob, an ideal cut for women with an oval face: “It’s slightly longer than the classic bob, always at collarbone height or even longer. It’s very flattering and versatile, leaving the hair practically in one piece” – says Paul Tudor, director of the David Künzle Fuencarral salon, who also points to the microbob with fringe: “A very feminine cut with a lot of personality that never goes past the jaw, it can be found in an infinite number of textures and shapes”.

Another bob cut to highlight is the sharp cut: “It consists of creating shorter sections inside and, as you go up, increasing the length by a few millimetres, texturising if necessary and, to finish, slightly combing the ends inwards” – explains Adriana Pérez, director of Sonia Atanes Hair Beauty.

Also the pixie, whether it is tousled, curly, curly, tangled… with many advantages such as its ability to adapt to all types of faces: “It is easy to style and personalise according to our features. If we have a rounder face, we give volume at the top and leave some thin strands at the tip to reduce that roundness. If it is square, hair around the jaw to soften those angles. And if it’s elongated, a longer fringe to minimise that length” – advises David.

Regarding another bob we will see, the blunt bob, Lesur considers it perfect to sharpen an oval face but also for women with more pronounced and hard features, if you leave it longer: “It is perhaps one of the most demanded haircuts there is, and ultra feminine. For a round, square or elongated face, it looks equally good short, long, frayed, gradient, with straight or long fringes and diagonal, with or without a parting. Another advantage is that it highlights the neck.

Cherry red is bold, vibrant and very strong. It will undoubtedly mark the season along with chocolate, caramel and vanilla blonde tones. Sonia Atanes also highlights the spiced blonde, which has tones ranging from gold to copper, and if we talk about chocolates, in addition to the aforementioned cherry red, we must highlight the honey brunette and tiramisu, with roots that resemble the classic Italian dessert and that plays with the tones of coffee.

These are the blondes that will be trending this spring 2024.

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