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Heliot Emil x Alpinestars: unpacking the physical and emotional concept of shelter

HELIOT EMIL returned to Paris to present his second collaboration with Alpinestars. A series of 23 looks that develop the concept of “SHELTER” of the new Autumn/Winter 2024 collection.

Heliot Emil x Alpinestars: unpacking the physical and emotional concept of shelter

The second collaboration between HELIOT EMIL and Alpinestars RSRV has brought to life a capsule that redefines the limits of protection and style. Meticulously handcrafted in HELIOT EMIL’s workshop, the 20-piece series perfectly balances the Copenhagen-based brand’s universe with Alpinestars RSRV’s technological innovations.

The pop-up that opened its doors in the Marais in collaboration with Grailed was the perfect opportunity for us to see the pieces of the collaboration up close; an immersive experience into Heliot Emil’s universe, culminating with the star piece: a sculpture created from 37 used Alpinestars MotoGP airbags.

At its core, the collaboration highlights the creative potential derived from existing materials and the opportunities that arise from extending their life cycles, whether through reuse, recycling or innovation in the transformation of materials considered waste. The resulting sculpture harmonizes the core values of each participating brand, from Alpinestars’ technological innovations to HELIOT EMIL’s distinctive shapes and avant-garde silhouettes to Grailed’s commitment to presenting unique fashion pieces. This collaborative effort materializes in a striking centerpiece that reflects the synergy between the three entities.

But beyond aesthetics and function, and beyond a simple star piece, the “SHELTER” collection and the pieces in collaboration with Alpinestars delve into the meaning of protection in a broad sense. While protection is commonly associated with safeguarding the physical body, Heliot Emil invites us this time to reflect on the importance of protecting the soul as well. Hard elements such as helmets, knee pads and motorcycle gear give life to a sense of armor. Every detail, every meticulously selected fabric, embodies a deliberate care to protect and protect.

The muted tones that dominate the palette, from soft grays to deep blacks, evoke a sense of both physical and emotional security. It is tranquility in the midst of the storm, the promise of refuge in times of adversity. The duality of strength and vulnerability is manifested in every seam, in every detail. The garments become a shield, not only against external elements, but also against internal tribulations. It is a visual language that speaks of the complexity of protection, of the need to balance strength with delicacy.

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