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HIGHCHART. #30 – Engalanan

We are back with the Highchart section. This time we put ourselves in the hands of one of the main underground references in the Catalan city.

HIGHCHART. #30 – Engalanan

We are back with the Highchart. section to liven up the coming seasons with good music. This time we’re playing it safe and putting ourselves in the hands of one of the new faces of clubbing: Engalanan.

Adrián Rodríguez Castillo, also known as Engalanan, is a multidisciplinary artist from Barcelona. Active in the underground scene as a DJ, curator, manager, booker or art director, and co-founder of TORO, the collective that celebrates rave culture through diversity and disobedience. Engalanan has managed in just 3 years to position himself as one of the main underground references in the Catalan city and has taken his TORO collective to the international scene.

Over the years, he has performed in cities such as New York, Vancouver, Los Angeles, Berlin, Paris, Zurich, Madrid, Barcelona and Lisbon. Stops included Boiler Room, Primavera Sound, Paragon Broadway, Antidote Party, Rash, BAM Festival, Heaven, Razzmatazz, Vancouver Pride, Playground and Traumabarundkino, among others. Sharing the bill with Villano Antillano, TR/ST, LSDXOXO, Mura Masa, Doss, Safety Trance, Juliana Huxtable, Kevin Aviance, Goth Jafar, softchaos, Parkineos, DJ G2G or MamaYhaYha.

Engalanan is recognised on the international scene as one of the new faces of clubbing, creating new sound narratives, connecting communities and celebrating sound culture through honesty and diversity. He loves experimenting with different sounds through his mixes and productions and has been in charge of the sound design for the renowned fashion brand Dominnico at their Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid and 080 Barcelona shows.

‘I have selected sounds and artists that inspire me and are references when it comes to forming my sets. The order of the tracks is exactly how I would compose an album. The playlist contains ambient, avant garde, simple melodies, strong bass, divas, electric guitars, emerging producers and singer-songwriters. But all of it I feel is accompanied by the same feelings, euphoria and melancholy. If I had to place this playlist somewhere physical, it would be on a summer day, waking up at dusk, or in a car on the way to the beach with the windows open and the air hitting my face hard”, says Engalanan about his chosen mix.


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