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This year, the H. team has joined forces with SUOT STUDIO, the experimental jewellery firm led by Marta Tous, to create a Valentine’s Day 2022 special. Under the concept ‘connections’ and with the desire to have fun as a fundamental part, we present our way of celebrating one of the most special dates of the year. On the occasion of its first Valentine’s Day, the brand reminds us of the unlimited ways and possibilities in which affection, love and other synergies can be born.



From HIGHXTAR. and SUOT STUDIO we celebrate Valentine’s Day through an editorial that elevates the concept of love to another dimension. Through Marta Ochoa -architect, set designer and co-founder of the collective Casa Antillón- and Martín -also known as Mori, his alter ego in music- we got to know a new way of connecting more passionately; with Oumoukala and Beninfonde -both models and activists- we discovered another kind of love without stereotypes; with Minet -also known as Euskoprincess, singer- and Dani -creative- we understood the bond that exists between two brothers; and with Aitor and JM -both stylists and creative directors- we discovered the concept of friendship based on loyalty and companionship.



A connection triggers the release of oxytocin, our bonding hormone, activating higher levels of trust and security and generating a positive virtuous circle. When we meet someone new or find a bond with someone our brain is activated. It is when we complement each other that this synergy lifts us up. This is what happens between our characters and what defines SUOT STUDIO very well. The nature of the jewels allows them to complement each other to form unique and personal pieces.


Because connections serve to define this project very well, both for the protagonists of this story and for this capsule collection designed to celebrate 14 February. A selection that comes under the Half-Cut line, one of the house’s most versatile collections. Gems such as rhodonites, green agates, rutilated quartz and blue topaz intentionally cut in half, allowing them to be combined to explore each person’s creativity.



Through SUOT STUDIO‘s latest Valentine’s Day jewellery we will be able to establish these links with other people with whom we can learn, play, experiment and reflect without limits, but without having the need to count on them to feel complete. Coinciding with the upcoming day of love, we wanted to celebrate the beauty – not always conventional – of natural gems and human and non-human relationships by presenting this special selection of jewellery slanted in half.



With this declaration of intent, SUOT STUDIO reminds us that two perfect halves are not necessary to form a complete entity, but that each one of them is, per se, perfect in its rarity and individuality. In the same way that on Valentine’s Day we want to value the search for a symbiosis that frees our own essence and gives us confidence, security and autonomy. Activating powerful formulas that make us grow, drawing new realities and sharing them with those we love.










Photography: @carlosfolmo
Photo Assistant: @javifgphoto
Creative Director & Fashion: @gothic__sport
Fashion Assistant: @alfred.vivas
Layout:  @elnhote
Hair & Make Up: @miky.valles @anotherartistsagency
Video: @thefeelms
Production: @highxtar.lab.
Talents: @mrtaochoa @mori______________________ @baddiebrownie @brrrux_ @euskoprincess @piimpolloo @aitorvidalprior @jm.delvalle
Looks: @yoox

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