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How flowers are beautifying fashion

The invasion of flowers has spread from the streets to the catwalk to become a trend called “corsagecore”.

Spring is filling everything with flowers, enveloping the fashion shows and transforming them into lavender fields where countless designs inspired by the grandeur of the jungle are proliferating. An aesthetic movement that emerges in seasonal harmony, emerging as a global trend called “corsagecore”.

Designers are embellishing their designs through various applications of roses and flowers that end up sprouting in the form of new silhouettes. Anthuriums, camellias or carnations are now entangled in fashion, and are wrapped in that romanticism that has moved both to the catwalk and streetstyle.

The corsagecore, or flower bracelet, which germinated in the 19th century as a decorative element, became popular at proms and/or on dates in the 1950s where teenagers wore flowers as a sort of homage to their boyfriends/girlfriends. Although if there was someone who really turned this element into a cult object, it was Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City.


Now, TikTok, as a prescriber of trends of our era, digitally channels this aesthetic that has been reflected in real life through the catwalk. From Loewe‘s anthuriums to Chanel‘s camellias, flowers sprout in all colors and shapes to suit haute couture, as we could see in Acne Studios‘ vichy suits with multiple flowers attached.


Within this visual imaginary, brands like Blumarine interpreted the romantic trend through three-dimensional appliqués that they transferred to their silhouettes. A whole new aesthetic for SS23 that takes on brooch shapes or is sculpted and structured as chockers that wrap around the necks of fashion insiders like Bella Hadid, and the corsets, dresses or tops of icons like Zendaya, who attended the SAG Awards in a pink look with cascades of roses by Valentino.

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