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How to get Rosalía’s ‘zebra brows’ effect at the Latin Grammys

The Catalan artist takes the stage and the red carpet by storm with eyebrows that promise to go viral.

How to get Rosalía’s ‘zebra brows’ effect at the Latin Grammys

Rosalía is one of the women of the moment and, when we already knew it, she made it even clearer with her presence at the Latin Grammy. The styling, the make-up and the performance, all together formed an authentic spectacle worthy of admiration and which will undoubtedly go down in the history of music (and fashion). The Catalan dazzles in every appearance with her natural and impeccable style.

If a few days ago her trick for painting lips with a plump effect, in nude tones and basically with the different products you have at home went viral, now her latest appearance at the Latin Grammys has made her eyebrows the main protagonists. Known as zebra brows, this is a laminated eyebrow design with a “cut” effect as if they were the stripes of a zebra.

How to get them

The beauty and wellness experts Llongueras have given us the tricks to join the trend that will take the fashionistas by storm in a matter of days. To do so, they recommend that we first get eyebrow botox, a treatment that is carried out in combination with eyebrow tinting or lamination because, as they explain, “we need the cuticle to be open and ready to apply the botox so that it can take effect”.

The perfect combination is to dye and smooth or laminate the eyebrows and then apply the botox. The tinting gives colour, the smoothing or laminating gives shape to stubborn eyebrows, and the Botox thickens, fills and repairs. In fact, the latter is ideal for adding volume to our eyebrows without extensions. In addition to this treatment, it is essential to comb the eyebrows well in an upward direction and with a good fixative, to create those separations that have made Rosalía sweep the world with her last look at the Latin Grammy Awards.

This is Rosalía’s lip combo.

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