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How Wednesday has resurrected the goth girl

The character of Wednesday Addams is rekindling the flame of gothic style, inspiring new generations of TikTok.

The Wednesday Addams series has shocked us all: from the children of the nineties to the new generations, hypnotized not only by its horror story, but also by all the iconography surrounding the character, which has been iconic since the sixties. A new projection of the archetype of the “goth-girl” is reborn, bringing her subcultural aesthetics into the mainstream sphere.

Tim Burton’s “Wednesday” arrived on Netflix on November 23, breaking records on the platform, for its iconic fusion of elements such as its cast with personalities like Jenna Ortega or Catherine Zeta Jonnes, its updated story in a contemporary version, and for its costumes that definitely just elevated the whole project to a cult work.


But beyond the iconocity that surrounds it, let’s talk about fashion within the series. If the 60’s Wednesday played by Lisa Loring or the 90’s Wednesday of Christina Ricci (who appears in the reboot as teacher Marilyn Thornhill) centered the wardrobe on monochromatic dresses with contrasting white collars, in this version of Tim Burton those codes are altered to adapt them to a new version of the goth-girl. The aesthetic is then sheathed in a more preppy style in keeping with the high school uniform, this time with a grim cut, with a series of details curated by costume designer Collen Atwood.

The wardrobe director told USA Today that Billie Eilish became a direct inspiration for the stylistic construction of the character, based on her dark and enigmatic aura. A moodboard on which Wednesday’s “allergy to color” is projected, making her closet revolve around black and white. The stylist thus experiments with this chromatic and gloomy game, between gothic elements, white pointed collars, and infinite braids.

The look of the protagonist Jenna Ortega suits Nevermore’s “Dark Academy”, synchronizing in spirit with the sinister personality of the teenager. It would be akin to putting all of her pieces through the Rick Owens filter.


Both its aesthetic universe and Wednesday’s personality in the series are fascinating the new generations, who have introduced it into the viral spectrum. In one in which they emulate the haunting stare through eye shadow tutorials under the hastag #deadeyes (35.5M views on TikTok), or recreate her bangs and extremely pale complexion.

Beyond this gothic beauty look, all the outfits of the protagonist have become an obsession for the internet. In this sense, the monotony of the classic wardrobe of the film, is now adapted to the new times, through outfits that play with prints, such as stripes and checks.

If we take a look at Wednesday’s looks, we can find pieces from Zara, vintage stores and many others custom-made. But if there has been something that has really elevated the uniform of the protagonist, those have been the Prada Monolith derby, the Dr. Martnes Jadon or chunky sneakers from Naked Wolfe.

The footwear tops the whole proposal of garments such as striped or checked sweaters signed by Miu Miu or Urban Outfitters, or outerwear with minimalist leather jackets from LK. Benett. A uniform that coexists in the same file with other stellar looks like the black chiffon dress with ruffles by Alaïa, which Atwood combined with Mary Janes by Loubotin.

Now all that gothic imagery becomes a source of inspiration for both established and emerging designers, as well as for young people who channel all that dark spectrum through their styles, configuring a whole sinister universe with which to enter the darkness and synchronize with the current dystopia.

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