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Inside the Acne Paper house

Acne Studios’ new annual ‘House of Acne Paper’ edition takes us into a fictional mansion filled with design, art and contemporary cult objects.

Inside the Acne Paper house

Through the pages that make up the 18th issue of Acne Paper, the Swedish brand opens the doors of an empyrean house composed of a total of nine rooms and a captivating garden that lead the reader to admire the talent and beauty that fills each of its spaces.

The photographic book is divided into ten chapters, each of which presents exciting stories from a selection of renowned creators. From the most interesting pieces by contemporary designers to iconic elements from the history of decorative arts, which coexist under the same roof with a constellation of surreal objects, antiques and masterpieces. Some of its pieces include wall decorations by El Anatsui and Hiva Alizadeh, paintings by Francis Picabia and Jacques-Émile Blanche, or furniture by Hannah Levy and Rick Owens.

Inside each of its aesthetic rooms, an informal conversation or interview with ten prominent figures from the world of art, design, architecture, performance, literature and interior design is also unveiled. And it is only from the cover that we can deduce the splendor we will find inside with Pablo Bronstein’s own work: an Art Deco villa adorned with a celestial temple flanked by two elegant figures of Pierrot.

Acne Studios thus continues to explore its interpretation of the world of art and design through this 18th publication, conceived as its most colossal to date, with which it has just glorified its own narrative and visual language.

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