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Instagram working on feature to distinguish AI-generated posts

Meta’s social network is testing a new tag for AI-generated content, a developer reveals.

Instagram working on feature to distinguish AI-generated posts

This move comes after the launch of its open source AI model ‘Llama 2’, developed in collaboration with Microsoft, which allows developers to create chatbots, image generators and other applications.

Screenshots posted by developer Alessandro Paluzzi show that Instagram is working on this new feature of flagging photos generated by its AI with the tag “generated by Meta AI”, still in the testing phase. 

The decision to distinguish AI-generated images stems from the growing concern about the spread of AI-generated content. The new option would help combat potential cases of misinformation.

The tag will allow users to easily identify whether a post has been created by an AI model, providing transparency and clarity about the origin of the content. With initiatives like this, Meta seeks to address the concerns of its audience and ensure a more trustworthy experience on its platform.

In other news, Netflix gains nearly 6 million subscribers thanks to its new policy.

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