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‘It’s different’: Balenciaga’s ironic campaign

Ironic copys such as ‘It’s different’ or ‘No blabla’ accompany Balenciaga’s most desired items by way of description.

‘It’s different’: Balenciaga’s ironic campaign

Some of the highlights of the brand’s Fall/Winter 2023 collection are unveiled in a satirical catalogue.

Ironic copys like ‘It’s different’ or ‘Probably not what you’re looking for’ or ‘No blabla’ accompany Balenciaga‘s most desired items like the Le Cagole Collector bag in rhinestones, the Mule Sunday, the 3XL Sneakers, the Pantashoes Biker or the Maxi Padded trench coat. A different and fun way to welcome the new season in the purest Demna style that fits in with the house’s constantly evolving design and sarcastic approach.

This is a strategic redirection that comes just a year after the controversy that engulfed the brand and the heavy criticism it faced following the release of the ‘Balenciaga Gift Shop’ and ‘Balenciaga x adidas’ campaigns which included a snapshot of the Hourglass bag alongside a 2008 SCOTUS ruling (United States v. Williams) upholding part of a federal child pornography law.

With ‘It’s Different’, Balenciaga focuses entirely on the product and not on the person accompanying it, as was usual until then. And best of all, it focuses on the flaws of the pieces, making fun of them, rather than enhancing them. What do you think?

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