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Jacquemus and its ‘Jacquebus’ take over Paris

Jacquemus launches a viral video in which several of its ‘Le Bambino’ bags are wheeled through the monumental streets of Paris.

Simon Porte Jacquemus, or rather the thinking mind behind the Jacquemus empire, is once again turning the industry upside down with one of his own. This time, the wizard of storytelling has published a new viral video on his Instagram account in which several of his well-known ‘Le Bambino’ bags are on wheels (and in giant versions) in the monumental streets of Paris. Does this mean that we are facing a new means of transport in the French capital? We tell you all the details here:

Viralisation system in its purest form

Unfortunately, and unsurprisingly, this is a full-blown marketing strategy. “I think I like Paris now”, is how the Provençal designer has launched his brand’s particular automotive universe to the world. And despite the realism of the images, Jacquemus has confirmed that it is a 3D rendering of something we would all like: to get into an XXL bag to go from one place to another. A dream, isn’t it?

Porte, however, has successfully achieved his main goal of viralising his content on social media. On Instagram, the eye-catching reel has reached more than 20 million views in less than 24 hours. A stratospheric figure that already positions the designer as one of fashion’s greatest geniuses. After taking over the Galeries Lafayette during the last Paris Fashion Week with an immersive experience, the French brand is once again on everyone’s lips. Gone are the handbag vending machines, the laundry and the dreamy shop windows. Now it’s all about filling up your it-bag.

Maybe it’s a teaser to hint at a new giant ‘Le Bambino’ model? For the moment, we can only wait impatiently to find out what Jacquemus is up to next. À bientôt, Simon.

Le Bambino Jacquemus

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