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JORDANLUCA SS24 speaks of glamour in times of uncertainty

Jordan Bowen and Luca Marchetto present the first full women’s collection and continue to talk about fashion in times of adversity.

JORDANLUCA SS24 speaks of glamour in times of uncertainty

When times are hard, people buy lipstick. Lipstick carmine red. Very red: passion red, blood red. The colour that historically expresses opposing meanings such as life and death, love and murder, sex and blood, perfectly channels the idea of JORDANLUCA new SS24 collection.

Lipstick is represented by the recurring red colour that floods the set design and also runs through the entire JORDANLUCA SS24 collection. This is, by the way, the first complete womenswear collection, presented alongside the menswear collection.

Between greys, browns, neutrals and muds, flecks of red appear and disappear throughout a collection that tugs at the heartstrings. The slouchy silhouette of FW23 is carried over to the new trench coats and blazers, and for women, latex and wet look are introduced in gloves, blouses and dresses.

The collection speaks of glamour, crisis and the philosophy of the absurd using draping, the austerity of high collars, ace, gathers and gathers. Lines and shapes in accordance with an extreme and binary conception of male and female bodies, while challenging the concepts of gender. It is not surprising that the creative duo wanted to include Tommy Cash in the show, because of the way he embodies this philosophy of the absurd and his extreme aesthetics. The Estonian rapper walked the catwalk in two different looks, as if he had just come out of a rave in Berlin itself.

JORDANLUCA SS24 continues to be the light in the midst of adversity for yet another season. With designs that try to alleviate the uncertainty and pessimism in the midst of a tough economic crisis.

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