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Julia Fox confesses to two and a half years of celibacy

Although she started out doing it as a protest against a repeal of abortion in the United States, she eventually felt comfortable doing it.

Julia Fox confesses to two and a half years of celibacy

Actress, singer, writer and model Julia Fox, known for her standout performance in “Uncut Gems” and her provocative style, is back in the spotlight for her recent statements. On X (Twitter) Fox shared that she had gone a season without sex of her own free will, a decision that has transformed her life: “2.5 years of celibacy and honestly, I’ve never been better”.

Julia Fox explained that she decided to abstain from sex in order to focus on her personal and professional growth. “After many years of seeking external validation through relationships and casual encounters, I realised I needed a change. I wanted to rediscover and reconnect with myself without the distractions of a love life.”

Fox, who has been in the public eye for his relationships with prominent figures such as Kanye West, said the decision has allowed him to focus more on his creative projects and his mental health. “Celibacy has given me a clarity I’ve never experienced before. I’ve been able to fully dedicate myself to my acting projects, writing and exploring other facets of my creativity.”

Julia Fox’s statements have generated a mixture of surprise and admiration among her fans. Many applaud her for her bravery and for making such a personal decision in a world where social pressure and expectations about celebrities’ love lives are immense. On social media her fans have expressed their support, highlighting how her story can inspire others to prioritise their wellbeing.

Julia Fox, with her usual candour and authenticity, continues to defy norms and expectations, not only with her unique style and on-screen talent, but also with her personal choices. In an era where the private lives of celebrities are often the subject of scrutiny and speculation, Fox has proven that the pursuit of happiness and inner peace is a priority that transcends fame and success.

Julia Fox makes her official music debut with ‘Down the Drain’.

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