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Kaotiko and Team Heretics launch “Fashion gaming” collection

Kaotiko and esports team Team Heretics have teamed up to launch a capsule collection of garments inspired by internet culture.

Kaotiko and Team Heretics launch “Fashion gaming” collection

Kaotiko and renowned esports team Team Heretics have announced their first capsule collectiono. This collaboration seeks to transcend the boundaries of their respective sectors, fusing Kaotiko’s distinctive aesthetic with the renowned video game scene that characterizes Team TH.

This collection presents five unique garments and accessories, where the universes of both brands converge perfectly to celebrate internet culture. “They are two different worlds, but they speak the same language,” says German Bernad, CEO of Kaotiko.

From T-shirts to caps, each item encapsulates the vibrant and dynamic essence of the digital age. For the announcement of the collaboration, they have decided to count on Team Heretics’ content creator, Ana Marrero. Her influence in the gamer community and her connection to internet culture make Ana a logical choice to represent Team Heretics, which has relied entirely on Kaotiko for the creative process. “The entire marketing team and several people on the team have been very involved in making sure that whatever came out represented us,” they stress.

In keeping with the trend for the fall season, the collection is highlighted by neutral tones that contrast with pops of color, evoking the aesthetics of video games. The meticulous attention to detail in embroidery and the choice of textures elevate the quality of the garments, making them true collector’s pieces.

This collaboration promises to bring fans of both brands closer to a unique experience, fusing the distinctive style of Kaotiko with the passion and energy that characterizes Team Heretics. The synergy of these two worlds represents not only a milestone in the fusion of fashion and gamer culture, but also a celebration of the diversity of expression that the digital age has brought. Kaotiko and Team Heretics are set to make their mark at the intersection of fashion and esports.

The collection is available now on Kaotiko’s website, in addition to physical stores.

Did you know that Team Heretics is central to the fashion world?

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